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Diagram of the Briza API connecting insurance wholesalers and retailers with insurance carriers to distribute products digitally.

The Briza API

Briza API is a modern, REST API that exposes automated underwriting models at carriers and MGAs. Briza API allows developers to quote, bind, and pay for policies in online marketplaces and embedded buying platforms.

Streamline the user journey

The Briza API frees developers from having to perform complex, time-consuming, and expensive carrier API integrations. It spares them the worry of duplicative and superfluous questions slowing down and confusing users and applicants. Briza API helps the developer deliver a streamlined user journey akin to any other e-commerce buying experience.

Workflow diagram showing the quote, bind, payment, and delivery of an insurance policy online
Example of the Briza API code for developers

Built To Scale

The Briza API is battle-tested, cleanly documented, and built by developers for developers.

Briza makes it easy for partners to create insurance solutions quickly and efficiently. Briza API is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, offering partners best-in-class security and compliance.

Product benefits

Create great user experiences

The Briza API supports single-entry application workflows for quoting, binding, and payment - delivering time and efficiency back to agents and brokers.

Access many carrier products

Licensed distributors can select carriers and products from our ever-growing panel of capacity partners - and access to broad and deep commercial insurance appetite.

Ask bespoke underwriting questions

Briza has curated an ever-growing body of underwriting questions, which allow developers to present a delightful user experience. These underwriting questions are delivered via Briza API along with business rules and logic - helping users get to quotes faster.

Bind quotes immediately

Quotes can be bound immediately over the Briza API. Policies can be placed without manual underwriting review.

Collect payment instantly

Briza enables developers to embed a direct billing experience within their application. Agents and insureds can pay for policies instantly.

Eliminate maintenance

Carriers and MGAs make underwriting model updates once with Briza - allowing downstream development partners to reflect these changes automatically in their user experiences powered by Briza API.


Briza API endpoints include:

  • Business classes appetite
  • Applications
  • Quotes
  • Policies (including bind and pay)
  • Quote proposals
  • Policy documents

Enterprise ready

  • Briza API is built by developers, for developers, with enterprise-grade architecture, resiliency, and security. 
  • All Briza customer engagements are bound by enterprise-grade SLAs addressing expected uptime, incident severity levels, resourcing expectations, notification protocols, and update cadences to any observed platform issues.
  • Briza API is System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II compliant
Security specialists confirming Briza's secure architecture, uptime SLA, and SOC 2 Type II compliance

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