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The only commercial insurance API
you'll ever need.

Briza gives developers the ability to add instant commercial insurance purchasing for the many needs of their users, all within a native user experience. Deliver insurance from top-rated insurance carriers across the country, all in full regulatory compliance.

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Your Platform

Real time, contextual, commercial insurance experiences for your customers. Within your platform.

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Completely Customizable

No need to leave your app or website, style it exactly as you like, and control every flow.

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Deepen Customer Connection

Solve a customer pain point, build greater loyalty, and add incremental revenue with one simple integration.

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An introduction to Briza for developers

Made by developers,
for developers.

Insurance is hard enough, API integrations shouldn’t be. We are obsessed with developer experience. From our thoroughly documented API, to our insurance expertise and best practices knowledge base, to our UI component library, Briza's job is to make your job as easy as possible, and build an API you'll love to use.

We speak your language

We provide code samples in curl, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, and Java 8 with Apache.

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We're here to help

We provide hands-on help with insurance questions and technical support for developers.

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Request sample

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const quoteId = 'YOUR_quoteId_PARAMETER';
const resp = await fetch(
    method: 'GET',
    headers: {
      api_key: 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE'

const data = await resp.text();

Response sample

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  "id": "string",
  "productId": 0,
  "externalQuoteReference": "string",
  "policyPremium": "string",
  "surcharge": "string",
  "taxes": "string",
  "monthsOfCoverage": 0,
  "startDate": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
  "endDate": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
  "autoRenews": true,
  "paymentOptions": [
      "downpayment": 0,
      "installmentPayment": 0,
      "installmentNumberOfTimes": 0,
      "installmentFrequency": "monthly"
  "occurrenceLimit": "string",
  "aggregateLimit": "string",
  "deductible": "string",
  "status": "queued",
  "failures": [
      "responsible": "briza",
      "reason": "string"
  "billingType": "direct",
  "collectPayment": true,
  "answers": {},
  "coverages": [
      "type": "general-liability",
      "limit": "string",
      "deductible": "string",
      "locations": [
          "limit": "string"
  "exposures": [
      "type": "total-payroll",
      "amount": "string"
  "createdAt": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
  "updatedAt": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z"

One carrier API is not enough.

Integrating a single insurance carrier API takes months of implementation and testing, and only yields quotes a fraction of the time. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by integrating the broadest selection of carriers available through a single, unified API.

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